The prices provided in the table below are for stay for one hotel day. The hotel day was defined in the regulations. We ask you to read and adhere to the regulations during your stay in our Villa.

Single room 65-90 zł/day
Duble room
90,00-120,00 zł/day
Duble room with kitchenette
115,00 zł/day
Three-person room two-tier 130,00 zł/day
Three-person room 120,00-150,00 zł/day
Four-person room 160,00 zł/day
Six-person room
210,00 zł/day
Children under 7 years 10,00 zł/day
Extra charge for extra adult 20,00 zł/day
Breakfast 12,00 zł
Coffee 4,00 zł
Tea 3,00 zł
Possibility to order meals to the room from a nearby restaurant.
For longer stays we grant favourable discounts
The hotel day lasts from 3 p.m. on the day of rent to 11 p.m. on the next day.
Night hours apply in the Villa 10.00 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Payment for stay must be made on the day of arrival 
Fee for pets  
5,00 zł/day – small animals  
10,00 zł/day - large animals  


Have a nice stay!


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